Alisha’s Hen’s Party – event photography

It was such fun to be able to attend and photograph Alisha’s Hens Party in Auckland a few weeks ago.
Alisha and her husband to be, Justin, were winners of an Engagement Photoshoot giveaway over on facebook a year ago and then they decided to book me for their wedding as well!
I was hired by Alisha’s bridesmaid, Julie, who is also a previous client of mine for both family photos and business branding.
They all made me feel welcome and it was great to get to know Alisha’s family and friends before her wedding day.

We started off at a lovely Air B&B on the North Shore. Alisha had just had her make-up done by Simone Anderson and then I arrived as a surprise. There was then an epic spread of food and fun party games organised. The girls then got ready for their night out and we did some group shots then headed to K-Road by party bus to Caluzzi which I highly recommend as an option for dinner and a show for a girls night out.

Thanks for having me and see you all this weekend!

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I would love to hear from you!